Cotton Candy Margarita

It's weekday and if you are looking for a cocktail to begin this weekend perhaps it's. Plus, it is very simple to create. I hate creating sophisticated drinks that take tons of my ingredients ne'er appear to.

This cocktail candyfloss direction are going to be your new favorite! affirmative, there's a pink candyfloss within and it is very freakin ' sensible.

Cotton Candy Margarita
Cotton Candy Margarita

This is a cocktail candyfloss although, it'll most likely bump the initial from the quantity one slot. this is often a stiff group action.

Of all the drinks within the classic World cocktail is my favorite. as a result of this drink is one amongst my favorite menu and it's terribly simple to create and really straightforward

Cotton Candy Margarita


  • This recipe is for a single margarita, if you want to make more you can double, triple, quadruple… (you get it) the recipe.
  • 2 oz of your favorite Tequila
  • 1.5 oz of lime juice
  • 4 oz of cream soda
  • A bunch of pink cotton candy
  • Ice


  1. In your glass, place a handful of cotton candy, enough to fill it.
  2. In a separate cup, add your liquid ingredients and stir.
  3. Pour the margarita mixture over the cotton candy.
  4. Add extra cotton candy if you’d like to make your drink sweeter.
  5. Add a few ice cubes.
  6. Enjoy!

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