Purple Drank Recipe Dxm

2-4oz syrup start with 2. The base for this dangerous concoction is the cough syrup and more specifically the active ingredient codeine.

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But as combination or like you said Codeine mixed with DXM they can cause nausea hallucinations disorientation loss of motor skills etc.

Purple drank recipe dxm. 16092017 How Cough Medication use for making Purple Drank Sizzurp. The expression lean originates from the position it will put you in after you drink the beverage. Once all items are there add them to a Styrofoam cup and mix it.

DXM can be found in cough syrups such as NyQuil Theraflu and Robitussin. 22082015 This opioid substance witch replaced Codein also opiod substance as active ingredient of cough suppressants on the market. 07122020 Purple Drank Lean also known as purple drank purple lean sizzurp dirty sprite and lean drinkis a made of combination of prescription-strength cough medicine soft drinks and hard fruit-flavored candy.

15102013 The 36 mafia official recipe Approx 2oz VC syrup aka sizzurp milk of magnesia for constipation 2 shots vodka jolly ranchers of choice warning mixing alcohol with codeine is ill advised so here is my recipe which is better anyway oh and this is also what has become popular lately it tastes better and its safer. The consumption of the DXM-soda-candy mix is known as robotripping DXM is different from opioids and codeine since DXM works on the same receptors as hallucinogens. The amount of each ingredients will vary based on the users tolerance to the drugs.

Codeine is an opioid used to manage chronic pain. Can smoke soo much more weed on dxm without coughing. Sizzurp is a homemade drink that can be prepared with cough syrup codeine and promethazine include mixed with soft drinks to make it more soluble and sweet candies Jolly Rancher to give it its characteristic purple color hence being called purple drank.

If used sepately with prescribed dosage both DXM and Codeine are harmless. Purple drank is a concoction of cough syrup soda and antihistamine. To make purple drank one needs prescription grade 2-4 oz of cough syruppromethazine-codeine 12-20 oz sweet drinkfruit flavored soda original sprite etc flavor additive jolly rancher.

You get some sprite or mountain dew then you get some jolly ranchers crush em up throw em in your choice of clear soda then you need some cough syrup none of that DXM bullshit unless your looking to get spacy and trippy but thats not what sizzurps about. Lean also known as purple drank sizzurp barre and Texas tea is a combination of high doses of cough syrup usually purple in color soda and hard candy. 1-4 Another active ingredient in.

Sizzurp Purple Drank Ingredients. Many times this combination specifically mixes codeine-based cough syrup Sprite and promethazine. 12 The prescription cough syrups used to make lean drink present the most danger because they often contain codeine an opioid drug.

However due to the euphoric effects that occur when purple drank is consumed codeine abuse can become an issue. 12082016 Purple drank is a slang term for a mixture of prescription-strength cough medicine soda typically Sprite or Mountain Dew ice and occasionally a Jolly Rancher for added sweetness. 04072005 Basically the better version of alcohol also known as purple drank yes drank lean and texas tea.

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