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The Kyphi we made in the workshop was the best we could muster in London on a Monday night but if you want to make honest to Isis real Kyphi this is the best recipe. It contains natural ingredients from the some of the same regional sources and it smells absolutely wonderful.

Ancient Egyptian Kyphi Incense Used For Rituals Involving Horus And Other Egyptian Deities Egyptian Deity Ancient Egyptian Incense

Like Galens recipe the ingredients in this first-century kyphi include raisins wine and honey as well as sweet flag aspalathos camel grass and cyperus tuber.

Kyphi recipe. Dont store in a container. This would be made with a mixture of dried fruit such as raisins or dates papyrus rind honey and wine to which the expensive resins and spices would be added. Place your balls on waxed paper for about a week or until firm.

Plutarch listed these ingredients for one Kyphi blend. Your finished Kyphi will look like donut holes. As you can see from the magickal ingredients here the incense banishes the room and yourself from negativity while drawing in positivity and healing energy.

We used some of it at the temple of. Our iles most adept child of Oshun Arden Keren has made a batch of authentic Kyphi incense according to the original temple recipe. Drain the red wine from the raisins and mash the raisins with the mortar and pestle.

Here we present our own re-creation of this ancient Egyptian incense. 05112013 Authentic Kyphi Incense. 2 cups raisins chopped loosely packed seeded 1 12 cups red wine preferably sweet 1 12 cups oasis wine aka date wine if you can get it - substitute the same sweet red wine if not available 2 cups raw unfiltered honey 1 cup frankincense 34 cup myrrh.

31032016 With the red wine and honey you can use a few drops mixed into the dry ingredients. Sodium bicarbonate Baking soda one cup. Kyphi or Kap-t as it is more accurately called is an ancient Kemetic temple incense used in sacred rites healing ceremonies and for cleansing.

The major difference is in the proportions and in the addition of myrrh and pure resin and the subtraction of asphaltum. The ingredients include myrrh copal. In this class I share with you a sacred ancient recipe to create a powerful incense.

Many recipes for Kyphi call for the use of raisins honey and wine. Add the resins and gums to the powder mixture. Let boil then keep mixing for a few minutes till it is melted together.

Then roll them in powdered benzoin and left to air dry on wax paper for two more weeks. Kyphi produces a beautiful full-bodied rich multi-layered bouquet with a warm relaxing sweet spicy and sensual aroma. In the way 5000 piece jigsaw puzzles of a pile of mardi gras beads are simple.

Knead thoroughly with your hands then form the dough into pea-sized balls. Sodium chloride Salt Place in a pot covering the compound with water just covering the very top mix continually and heat up to about medium heat. Recipes for Kyphi were signature to the house of the maker and many recipes existed around core ingredients.

These wet ingredients enable you to make the incense into a paste that is then formed into balls and left to. 11102009 The Edfu Kyphi is simple. Then wrap individually in cheese cloth and store them in a large airtight container.

31102014 The Philae recipe lists the following ingredients in addition to those mentioned in the Papyrus Harris I as being used in the preparation of kapet. Honey wine cypress raisins myrrh aspalathus seselis saffron dock juniper cardamom and aromatic reed. Add the raisins and honey to the dough.

The ingredients are Gum Mastic Pine Resin listed by some a Copal or Amber resin Calamus root Aspalathos Camel Grass Mint Cinnamon Peker Cyperus Juniper berries Pine Kernels Wine Honey Frankencense and Myrrh. Raisins wine oasis wine honey frankincense myrrh aspalathos cyperus juniper pine. 06012016 Mix well and keep in an air tight container for two weeks stirring occasionally.

25042011 While some incense ingredients in ancient Egypt were ground and thrown directly onto hot coals Kyphi was a time consuming mixture molded into pellets cured over time and then burned. It can calm the mind for meditation as well as being spiritual for divine communication. 31102019 Lastly add just enough red wine to moisten you will roll the mixture into balls a little bigger than half an inch finish them by rolling in Benzoin powder to coat.

It is a multi-day process creating this compound incense in the ancient way. Kyphi recipes are inscribed on the walls of the ancient temples of Edfu and Philae with pictographs of Kyphi being used and recipes for making it. Simple recipe There is a more simple recipe that circulates on the internet.

The Full Recipe adapted from the text known as Edfu I Ingredient List. 19112017 Add oils of amber honey acacia orris storax lotus and musk to personal preference. Then combine them together and roll them into pea sized balls of up to an inch in diameter.

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