Cool Zucchini Keto Recipes Air Fryer References

Cool Zucchini Keto Recipes Air Fryer References. Working in small batches (depending on the air fryer size), place the zucchini fries in a single layer in the air fryer and air fry at 400℉ (200℃) for 10 minutes or until crisp and golden. Cut the zucchini in half.

Air Fryer Zucchini Fries (Low Carb Keto) Gimme Delicious
Air Fryer Zucchini Fries (Low Carb Keto) Gimme Delicious from

Air fry again at 390f for 4 minutes. These air fryer roasted zucchini slices are amazing! Evenly distribute the skillet mixture into the zucchini boats.

(See Note) Cut Each Into Half Or Thirds So You Have Rectangles About 1 X 2.

Preheat the air fryer on bake to 325°f. Mix the zucchini noodles, mayo and parmesan cheese. Start by adding the zucchini coins into a mixing bowl.

Add Your Sliced Zucchini Into A Mixing Bowl.

Create as many layers as necessary until all the zucchini slices are arranged. Place it into a layer of paper towels or a tea towel and squeeze out the water. Put zucchini fries in the air fryer basket.

Be Gentle With The Zucchini Stick, Pat The Flour Mixture On All Sides Of The Zucchini Pieces.

Wrap the napkin up into a ball and squeeze the water out of the zucchini over the bowl or the sink. Cut the zucchini in half lengthwise and then into approximately 2 pieces (about 3 pieces). Air fry again at 390f for 4 minutes.

Spread In A Single Layer In The Air Fryer And Cook For 6 To 7 Minutes Or Until Golden And Tender (But Not Mushy).

After 1 hour, toss all the dried zucchini slices in a mixing bowl with the remaining spices. Use paper towels to press and dry zucchini noodles. Put zucchini fries in a bowl and add olive oil, parmesan cheese, italian seasoning, salt and pepper.

Farmers’ Markets Are A Great Source.

Put some spray oil on the boats and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add salt on top of the zucchini and allow to sit on. Then, add in the diced tomatoes.

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